You will be working directly for the companies who have subscribed to JobPail.com
You will be paid directly from the client that you have worked for. Some clients may pay via direct deposit and Some may pay by check. It will vary from client to client. JobPail.com is not involved with the financial transaction between You and the client. We are simply a scheduling tool for you.
Currently, most of our clients are in the marketing industry. Typically the types of jobs they offer are jobs that promote products. Positions like: Brand Ambassadors, Field Managers and Costume Characters are just a few of the positions that you will see.
Absolutely! ... As a matter of fact, we encourage you to work with as many as possible. The more companies you work with, the more ratings you will get, the more ratings you get, the more you will be selected to work.
It all depends on the client. Some clients are strictly W2 and others hire a little bit of both. It really all depends on the position that they are hiring for.
In regards to payment the main difference is that W2 Employees have taxes taken out of their pay, and Independent Contractors do not. Independent Contractors are responsible for reporting their taxes at the end of the year.
No, you can sign up for a basic profile for free and receive job offers from our clients. We will be offering profile upgrades for an additional small yearly fee that will allow you to increase your exposure to our clients with additional features like: more photos, ability to upload a video of yourself, as well as, being able to highlight your profile.
Most of the positions are Part-Time. However, some of our clients do have jobs that are months long and could be 30-40 hours or more per week. By giving you access to multiple companies, you could possibly turn all the part-time positions into a full-time job. It’s really up to you how much you want to work.